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RK Ocean Gear Paddles

RK Ocean Gear paddles are here!

Introducing RK Ocean Gear Paddles. Extremely light weight thanks to its all carbon fiber construction with incredible strength, durability and versatility.


The core of RK Paddle’s blade is built from ultra lightweight high-temp resistance aircraft-grade Divinycell. Incorporating high quality carbon fiber and additional reinforcement at strategic spots to ensure the greatest strength for the most demanding paddlers. The blade, designed with a light curved tip and dihedral, makes for a clean, fast catch and stable stroke. The blade also features full length ABS rail for protection of the paddle and your board. RK Paddle comes with 2 sizes of blade – Small at 73.6 square inch and Large at 81.4 square inch.


The shaft of RK Paddle can only be described as a perfect balance between strength and flex. The shaft features a light weight 100% carbon fiber twill wound construction. The tension on the filaments and the angle at which the fiber is laid down are designed to create a shaft with high strength, stiffness and rebound characteristics. The shaft features light surface texture and matte finish for greatly enhanced grip. RK Paddle comes with round shaft or oval shaft. For those paddlers who prefer a less stiff shaft, the round shape is light and lively in hand with the strength and rebound characteristics more typically preferred by riders for all-around paddling and waves.  For paddlers preferring a stiffer shaft, the oval shape allows for a thinner wall thickness thus a great stiffness to weight ratio. It feels light in the hand and does not have a sharp angle as with many other oval shafts. The oval shaft aligns precisely when switching from side to side and when paddling with both hands on the shaft for extra acceleration.


Great attention was also paid to the handle of RK Paddle. Constructed from the same pre-preg carbon fiber, the palm-grip handle is ultra lightweight and durable. Special coating is applied on the surface of the handle to achieve anti-slip functionality and great comfort level while paddling.



Technical Specs:


Blade Area: 73.6 square inch or 81.4 square inch

Blade Angle: 10 degrees

Shaft: Round or Oval

Weight: 16-17 oz.





All Carbon Fiber Construction

Ultra lightweight high-temp resistance aircraft-grade Divinycell core

Slightly curved tip and dihedral for fast, clean and stable strokes

Full length ABS rail

Perfectly balanced shaft between strength and flex

Matte finish shaft for better gripping

Special anti-slip coating on handle

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